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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue to tan in the sun if I am sprayed tan?


Yes.  Whether you tan in the sun (or tanning bed) or not you will have a great tan.  I have seen the spray-on-tan greatly enhance an already tanned body.

Can I spray just my face?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
Yes.  Many people don't like to tan their faces naturally because of the added risk of aging.  Spray tanning is a great solution and it can be blended beautifully with the Suddenly Tan Turbo Spray System.  The solution also evens up blotchy complexions very well.  

Do I need to wait for awhile after I am sprayed to do certain things?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
Wait as long as you can before you shower.  I recommend the next day if possible.  Avoid any activities that will make you perspire for at least 4 hours.  Don't get splashed with water or anything that can make the solution run for at least 4 hours  

How can I make my tan last longer?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
Exfoliate well and shave (or wax) before you are sprayed.  Use the tan amplifier before and after being sprayed, wax your legs instead of shaving, avoid hot showers, hot tubs, and swimming pools because the chlorine can be tough of your tan.  I recommend that you wait till the next day before you shower but you can shower after 4 - 6 hours.  Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more.

How long will it take to be sprayed?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
With the Suddenly Tan Turbo Spray System you can be sprayed in about 5 - 7 minutes but you will need to include time to change so I usually tell people 15 about minutes  

How long will my tan last?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
The length of time is directly connected to the amount of moisturizer you keep on your skin.  Most people will last about a week.  Some last longer and some not quite as long.  If you are able to tan and get a good tan, you can compare it somewhat to that.  Does your tan last long or do you fade out quickly?  If you are very fare and don't tan well, you will love this because it will be the first time in your life you WILL be tan  

My legs won't tan in the sun or the tanning beds, Will this work?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
Absolutely.  The legs and face are the first thing people notice after you've been sprayed tan.   

What about allergies?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
If you have a known allergy to self tanners or tanning lotions with bronzers, you may have a reaction to the solution.  You may develop small red bumps on your legs.  They go away real soon but are uncomfortable.  If you unsure about it you should have a small area sprayed on to test for sensitivity.

What about my hair and clothes? Will it stain?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
You won't even tell that it was sprayed in your hair but you will see it on your clothes.  It will wash out of your clothes but I recommend that you don't wear wool, silk, or nylon to be sprayed in because it may stain those products.  I wash mine out quickly or I wear something that I don't care about and I haven't had any stain problems.  I don't wear light colored clothes after I have been sprayed until I shower because it may rub off onto those clothes.  

What happens if I stop spraying?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
Nothing.  The tan that you get from spraying is similar to a real tan.  It will gradually just fade out.  The big difference between a sprayed on tan and a real tan is that everyone asks you where you got the GREAT TAN.

What is the difference between the air brushed tan and the Suddenly Tan Turbo Spray on System?

What should I wear?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
Please wear what ever makes you comfortable.  Remember there will be a technician applying the solution so you will want to be comfortable.  I recommend whatever will give you the least amount of tan lines, it may be your bathing suit or it may be underwear.  Just for you women to know ( Men love tan lines).

When will I notice results?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
Immediately!  The solution has a cosmetic color added so you have an instant tan, this also helps the technician make sure of an even application.  When you shower, the cosmetic color will shower off but you will be left with a beautiful tan underneath.  You will be beautifully tan while you wait for your new tan to develop

Will I have any protection from sun burns?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
No.  The spray on tan might fool you into thinking you have a base tan but beware of the sun.  It is always advised to wear sun screen.  After all, one of the benefits of a Suddenly Tan is avoiding those harsh skin damaging rays.

Will I turn orange or be streaked?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
No. With the addition of Eurothulose, the solution does not turn you orange and with the Suddenly Tan Turbo Spray System™, the application is totally even.  

Will the spray solution look good on my skin color?

Written by Jennifer Benningfield
I have not seen anyone that it doesn't look great on. The solution does not make everyone the same color. The chemical reaction works specifically with your own skin type. (Red heads that normally just burn and freckle are beautiful.) Don't be afraid to try it if you've never been tan before.

What machine is for me?

Both of my machines are high quality professional grade products. They are both come with 10" hoses If you are looking for a super quiet machine for your spa I would recommend the HVLP machine. It is weighs more than the LVLP so it would be best for a situation where is stayed in one place. It has a 2 Year warrantee. If you are looking for a small portable unit I would reccomend the LVLP, it has a 4 yr warrantee and weighs less than 7 lbs. While it is louder than the HVLP is it still very quiet at only 65 dB.


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